2016 Full Season Full Share (20 weeks)


2016 Full Season Full Share (20 weeks)


Vegetable and herb share: We provide 20 weeks worth of produce for a 2-4 member family. The share consists of produce grown solely by us on owned and leased ground and will be a mixture of vegetables and fresh herbs and some small fruits as they are available.

Members also receive a short weekly email from us with farm updates and a list of produce expected in the share that week.

As with all vegetable CSAs, quantity and variety of the share will vary throughout the season based on the time of year.

We not only like plants but people. Getting to know our CSA members is one of the perks of being a small CSA. Email us with any questions!

PoleStar farm is a Farmer's Pledge Farm growing vegetables and herbs naturally without synthetic chemicals. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

CSA Agreement: 

I agree to pay the above amount for the 2016 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) food shares from PoleStar Farm. I understand that PoleStar Farm depends on my financial support for its survival. In return, PoleStar Farm will provide me with a fair share of vegetables field cleaned but not table ready from approximately June through October (20 weeks - start and end dates may vary). I understand that produce quantity and length of growing season may vary with extremes of weather. I agree to notify PoleStar Farm if I decide to discontinue my share.

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