What is Community Supported Agriculture or CSA?  

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is an agreement between a farmer and consumer where the farmer provides a share of vegetables to the consumer for a set amount of weeks out of the year. The customer pays either ahead of time or in an installment plan. For our CSA we grow all our own produce and aim to provide enough produce for a family of 2-4 members. In a CSA the community takes part in some of the risk of farming. So some years there might be less of some crops and more of others. Last year was a great year for spicy salad mix and tomatoes but less great for red tomatoes. In 2014 we had lots of red tomatoes but less summer squash. Anyway, you get the idea....  

The advantage to the farmer is that he or she gets capital up front meaning less time spent marketing and that in turn means more value given directly to the customer. It also means the community has the opportunity to get to know who is growing their food. Most CSA farms are, if not organic, at least sustainably run. Most of our produce we grow on certified organic ground we lease from our local neighborhood organic grain farmer friends. As such we follow organic practices and hope to actually have our produce certified organic near the beginning of 2016. 

Localharvest.org has a more in depth summary of what a CSA is here.  . 

How to Join our Summer CSA
starts mid-June, we'll be in touch a week or two before distribution begins. 

You can contact us directly by email or go to our contact page and fill in the form there to learn more and ask any questions you may have. Download a form here to mail in or deliver

Full Share: $500.00 for Twenty weeks of produce. Pick up Thursday nights between 4:30 and 7:00 pm at our weekly farmstand. Sign up here or at localharvest.org

Half Share: $260.00 for Ten weeks of produce picked up either every other week or on the weeks of your choice once full share starts. Sign up here or at localharvest.org 

Quarter Share: $140.00 Five weeks of produce throughout the season. Let us know which weeks! Either at the beginning of the week (after we send out our weekly email) or at the beginning of the season! Sign up localharvest.org or use our form and select Quarter share. 

Work Share: $440.00 For full share members with a $60.00 discount for working on the farm for a total of six hours throughout the course of the season. Just sign up at localharvest.org and we'll be in touch. It's most helpful if you put your hours in toward the beginning or middle of the season. We can entertain other options if you would like to work more or less. Contact us to learn more!

Snap/EBT Reduced Price Share: We accept SNAP/EBT customers as well who would like to belong to our CSA. Contact us or email us for details at polestarveggies@gmail.com

Delivery: $5.00/week. We can deliver your share within a reasonable distance - generally the Trumansburg, Mecklenburg, or Ithaca areas. Contact us for details. 

Other Options: You can also download a form here and mail it back to the farm at 4895 Williamee Road, Trumansburg, NY 14886 with payment. Call or email if you have any questions. 

Farm tours are available. Contact us to arrange a time.