2016 Seeds are here!

It's always a big day when the seeds start arriving from our various suppliers. Despite mid-January's cold and freezing weather the next growing season and all its accompanying freneticism become something just around the corner. There is also an element of hope involved in ordering seeds. We don't know what the weather is going to bring the next year. But we do know that seeds want to grow, and it is up to us as farmers to give them the proper conditions to help facilitate that growth. By doing so we hope to bring good, healthy and nutritious food to our neighborhood and broader community. 

This year we ordered mainly from two companies, High Mowing Organic Seeds and Fedco Seeds. Both companies are responsible and reputable at supplying not only organic seeds but also living up to ideals I find very important (see here Fedco's summary on why they dropped carrying seed from Seminis back around 2005).