New Seeding house

During the shortest days of the year some of the most intense activity happens on vegetable farms. It is the time when the farmer has a chance to take all those ideas that have been popping into his or her head throughout the growing season and spend time building/reconfiguring or planning on how to make those changes for the next year. This often means lots of building projects. On our little patch of ground, I have a certain amount of building projects that I need and want to get done before I start seeds in February of 2016. One of the largest is finishing and then outfitting our newest seeding house. I built a small 160 square foot seeding house two years ago but have found that, even at my small size, I’m already outgrowing it. So, I bought a 20’x24’ hight tunnel I’m hoping to turn into my new seeding house before the rush of seeding time (actually, I'm not just hoping, more I have to finish it).  The old seeding house I’ll either sell or turn into a small drying house for mints and other herbs. 

The seeding house is located at our house, which is down the road from the leased ground where over 90% of our crops are grown. Pictured above in the title banner of this blog entry is a picture of the new seeding house in it’s unfinished state. Check back often to see how the progress on this and other projects is going!